Do I Need a Lawyer for My Driver’s License Restoration Hearing?

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Driver’s License Restoration Hearing?

Having a skilled and experienced lawyer will help maximize your chances of getting your driver’s license back. The Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeals Division (DAAD), does not require that you are represented by a lawyer. However, this is not recommended.

Lawyers are helpful because you have the burden of proof at your driver’s license restoration hearing. You must prove by clear and convincing evidence that your substance use disorder (drinking) is under control and is likely to stay under control. Generally, the Secretary of State requires a minimum of 12 months of sobriety. The hearing officer will review your evidence and determine if you have met the clear and convincing evidence burden.

Even if you have maintained your sobriety, it is still a difficult task to get your license reinstated. A skilled and experienced lawyer can be the difference between getting your license back and having to wait a year to try again. (The Secretary of State only allows you to apply for a driver’s license reinstatement once a year!) Having a lawyer help you navigate the legal proceedings can ensure that the evidence in your favor is completed and submitted correctly.

It is extremely important to have a lawyer on your side who has experience representing people at these Secretary of State DAAD hearings. Your lawyer will be able to recommend places where you may obtain the required testing and assessments and have an understanding on how to put your best foot forward for your hearing.

Although hiring a lawyer may be more expensive, their knowledge and familiarity with the driver’s license restoration hearing process will save you time and money in the long run. Your lawyer, together with the evidence in support your lawyer prepares, will maximize the chances of success on your first try.

If you’re ready to hire an attorney for your license restoration hearing, contact Tanis Schultz today. We can be reached at (616) 227-3737 or by completing an online contact form here.

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