Our experienced defense attorneys at Tanis Schultz are prepared to work with you on your drug crime defense. Law enforcement officials wrongfully accuse individuals of committing a crime related to drugs too often. In order to fight the charges against you, you need an experienced criminal defense team. Tanis Schultz has years of experience defending drug crimes and will not make common mistakes that others make.

At Tanis Schultz we recognize you are innocent until proven guilty. We take the time to hear your side of the story and develop a defense tailored to your specific situation and charges. Even if charges have not been filed against you yet, it is important for you to see legal counsel. When an investigation begins, you need to have an attorney to guide you through your rights when facing a drug charge, such as drug possession/use/distribution (cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, heroin), maintaining a drug house or drug vehicle, and more.

Common Mistakes

Law enforcement is not exempt from making mistakes. People are wrongfully convicted due to their mistakes all the time, including for drug crimes. Common mistakes by law enforcement officials include not reading a suspect his or her Miranda rights, not abiding by a suspect’s request for an attorney, or searching someone’s property without consent and/or without a warrant. Tanis Schultz thoroughly investigates your case to determine if any of these mistakes, and more, have been made.

Police officers often try to encourage suspects to talk with them without legal counsel despite the fact that you have requested to have an attorney present. Officers may offer deals and make promises. Do not be coerced by law enforcement officials. You are not required to speak to them until your request for an attorney is met.

Never allow law enforcement officials to access or search your property without a search warrant or probable cause. Police may try to enter your property without probable cause or a search warrant. Any evidence they find while doing so has the potential to be suppressed and may be inadmissible in court.

Many times, law enforcement will ask you if they can search your vehicle, property, or person when investigating a drug-related matter. Consenting to a search is a mistake. Any evidence law enforcement collects cannot be challenged in court and may be used against you. It is a police officer’s job to collect evidence that will lead to a conviction. Do not speak with law enforcement officials without having your lawyer present. Tanis Schultz’s attorneys will be by your side to make sure law enforcement does not coerce you or force you to say something that may be used against you in a court of law.

Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys will help you navigate the difficult and complex criminal charges against you. We know what to look for in regard to the common mistakes law enforcement makes and we are ready and able to build a strong defense in your favor.

Contact us at Tanis Schultz to schedule your free consultation and get started on your defense today!

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