When You Have Claims for Both Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability

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When you have claims for both Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability, you need an experienced law firm who is familiar with both of these areas of the law. These are two very different areas of the law, and you’ll need attorneys familiar with your claims and with both laws in order to assist you in building the best claims possible.

The Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act requires you to look for work within the restrictions set forth by your doctor, unless the doctor has you completely off work. While a “completely off work” note is adequate for workers’ compensation purposes in Michigan, it is not enough to satisfy the Social Security Administration’s rules for establishing disability. In order to establish disability under SSA rules, a physician’s note needs to specify the reasons for disability, and provide details regarding what the patient/applicant is unable to do.

If your doctor has not taken you completely off work, under the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Act, you need to look for work within your restrictions in order to establish there is no work available for you. In some cases, an employer will offer favored work. Sometimes, this is “make work,” a job created especially for the injured worker that is not a job typically available. Refusal to accept favored work can have grave consequences to your workers’ compensation claim. However, any work, even “make work” can be detrimental to your Social Security Disability claim. This is one of many reasons you need a team of attorneys who can coordinate your claims and navigate through complex legal processes.

At Tanis Schultz, we will work with you as a team, of which you are a valued member. As a team, we will build both your Workers’ Compensation and your Social Security Disability claims in order to provide you with the strongest cases possible. If you were hurt at work, contact the specialists at Tanis Schultz to stand beside you during the Workers’ Compensation and/or Social Security process.

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