How to Request a Driver’s License Restoration Hearing

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The process of requesting a driver’s license restoration hearing can be a bit confusing. The Secretary of State doesn’t offer a lot of assistance when it comes to requesting your hearing. The Secretary of State supplies the public with this link:

Which will then take you to the webpage for the forms here:

From there, it seems like the SOS is saying “Good luck”.

Let’s break the process down.

The Secretary of State requires all required documentation to be submitted prior to scheduling your license restoration hearing. You cannot just call and ask for a hearing; all of your documentation must be submitted in order to be eligible for a hearing. Additionally, you must submit all of your documentation together at the same time. If you try to mail or submit portions of documentation the Secretary of State will reject the application. Everything must be filed together, at one time.

The first step is to fill out the SOS 257 Form – the Hearing Request Form – This is the six page document at the beginning of the packet. This form must be filled out completely and to the best of your accuracy as can be. It is important to note that by signing this form, you are swearing that all information provided in the form is the truth. It is extremely important to submit accurate information on the SOS-257 or it could be used against you at the hearing.

The next step is to obtain letters in support from family and friends. The Secretary of State requires 3-6 letters from a variety of people you know. The letters cannot be all from family, nor call from co-workers. The SOS requires that the letters in support come from a “cross section” of your community. These letters must state that you are abstinent from drugs and alcohol. These letters must be notarized and include extremely specific information as required by the SOS. If the letters fail to have the required information, the SOS can disregard the letter as invalid and can deny your license simply for not meeting the letter requirements!

Next, you need the SOS-258 form that is included in the SOS’s packet filled out by a licensed and qualified evaluator. However, the SOS does not provide a list or guidance on who is a license nor qualified evaluator.

Finally, they want a 12-panel drug test. But where do you go?!

If you have a current interlock device, are taking prescription medications, or are attending support groups, additional documentation is likely required.

Our driver’s license restoration attorney breaks down each step into manageable pieces. Our license restoration attorney will fill out the forms with you, so you aren’t struggling to figure out what to put and where it goes. Our license restoration attorney provides sample letters and bullet point instructions for your friends and family to reference for their letters in support. Our license restoration attorney has connections with substance use evaluators who know what they are doing and how the SOS-258 needs to be completed, as well as connections with drug testing facilities that will get us the correct type of results. Finally, if any additional documentation needs to be submitted, our license restoration attorney will review your case and determine what needs to be submitted and help make sure that all documentation is complete and correct.

You don’t have to walk through this confusing process alone. Contact our office today for a free confidential consultation to see how our license restoration attorney can help you and your specific case. We want to get you back on the road!

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