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If you are committed to maintaining your sobriety, you can get your license back! 

Reasons Your License May Get Revoked  

If you have been convicted of two or more drinking and driving offense within seven years, your license will be revoked for one year. If you have been convicted of three or more drinking and driving offenses within ten years your license will be revoked for five years. After the license revocation period, you will not automatically be able to drive again. You are required to petition the Secretary of State to reinstate your driver’s license.  

Frequently Asked Questions About DLR Answered 

 “How likely am I to get my driver’s license back?” 

If you are committed to sobriety and have at a minimum, 12 months of sobriety, you are very likely to get your driver’s license back. At Tanis Schultz, we have one attorney who specializes in driver’s license restoration cases. Megan Smith has handled thousands of cases and helped thousands of individuals get back on the road. 

“Do I need an attorney to get my license back?” 

 The short answer is no. You can certainly try on your own. However, your odds of success drop immensely. The driver’s license restoration process in Michigan is grueling. One mistake can lead to devastating consequences and that mistake will follow you at every single subsequent hearing. The hearing officers keep prior records for 15 years. Any mistake made during your hearing by yourself will follow you for 15 years and very rarely can those mistakes be “undone” even in subsequent hearings. With your driver’s license, and often livelihood, at stake, it just doesn’t make sense to “try it” on your own – spend the time and money to do it right the first time around and get your license back faster.  

“This sounds like a lot of paperwork - What are the steps to getting my license back?”  

It does seem like a lot of paperwork, but our driver’s license restoration attorney helps you through it all. The first step is to fill out the SOS-257 form. Many other attorneys tell you to fill out the form on your own. However, our license restoration attorney will actually help you fill out this form. The next step is to obtain letters in support. Our license restoration attorney provides step by step instructions with examples of what needs to be included in these letters as well as review the letters before they are finalized. The next step is to obtain a substance use evaluation. Our office has substance use evaluators that have conducted thousands of evaluations for license restoration cases and know what they are doing. We will ensure that your evaluation meets SOS requirements. Finally, you need as 12 panel drug test. Our office will help locate a testing location near you for that test.  

It is a lot of paperwork, but our license restoration attorney breaks it down into manageable and doable pieces and will be with you every step of the way.  

Once we have all of the paperwork prepared, we file for a hearing with the Secretary of State or if you are an out of state resident who needs a clearance, we will file for an administrative review. All of our paperwork is filed electronically, online, through the SOS “DAIS” system – this is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain a hearing or clearance with SOS.  

“Am I Eligible to Restore My Driver’s License?” 

If you want to find out if you are eligible for a driver’s license restoration, you can contact our office today at (616) 227-3737 or use our online contact form here. Our driver’s license restoration attorney offers free consultations. Additionally, if you have a copy of your driving record and want our license restoration attorney to review it, she offers that service free of charge as well. Attorney Megan Smith will be able to let you know if you are eligible, and if you are not yet eligible, she will let you know when you will be.  Contact our office today for your free, confidential consultation. Let’s get you back on the road. 

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