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Even after a divorce has been finalized and the court has entered a judgment, issues may arise about various matters such as child custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support, and property settlements/asset division. In some cases, these challenges emerge when there is a significant change in one or both of the ex-spouse's circumstances. In other situations, post-judgment issues come up when one ex-spouse willfully fails to comply with the court's orders. Either way, a judgment of divorce may be modified or enforced upon one of the party's requests and the court's approval.

Resolving post-judgment issues after a divorce can be challenging and often require legal assistance. At Tanis Schultz, we recognize how problems that arise after your divorce can affect the well-being and future of you and your family. That is why we will provide compassionate guidance throughout your case and seek a just resolution on your behalf. Our experienced Grand Rapids post-judgment attorneys carefully plan a course of action and develop a compelling case to show that modification or enforcement of a court order is necessary.

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Representation for a Range of Matters

Our post-judgment lawyers in Grand Rapids can help with various issues that may arise after a divorce.

Child Custody and Parenting Time Modifications

As part of your divorce, you and your ex may have settled on your rights and responsibilities concerning your child (or children). You may have also decided on an arrangement that allows both of you to have frequent and quality contact with your child (or children).

Various issues may arise regarding custody and parenting time, such as being denied visitation or changing residences. When these affect the provisions specified in your order, you may seek to modify or enforce child custody arrangements.

Child Support Modifications in Michigan

If your or your ex-spouse's economic situation changes (such as losing a job), it may be necessary to modify your child support order. Stopping payments or failing to make full payments timely without a change in the initial agreement can lead to legal action and sanctions.

Similarly, not complying with a child support order, even if circumstances have not substantially changed, may be cause for a motion of enforcement. Filing the motion can trigger a hearing during which a judge will decide whether the non-complying party is willfully disregarding a court order and should be subject to sanctions such as wage garnishment, property liens, or, in severe cases, jail time.

Modifications of Spousal Support in Michigan

During the divorce, you or your ex-spouse may have been ordered to make spousal support payments. These periodic payments may be modified or terminated if there has been a substantial change in circumstances – unless your judgment of divorce contains a provision specifying that spousal support cannot be altered.

Property Settlement Problems

You and your ex may have an arrangement concerning who gets what property and debts. As part of your order, you and your ex must give assets up and transfer property titles accordingly. Non-compliance may be resolved by filing a motion of enforcement with the court.

Finding Solutions for Post-Judgement Divorce Issues

Problems that arise after your divorce is final can be complex and contentious. Retaining the legal services of the Grand Rapids family lawyers at Tanis Schultz can help as you seek fair resolutions to a range of matters. We will review your judgment of divorce to understand the specific provisions included and the obligations of both you and your ex. From there, we can determine what steps to take to modify or enforce the order. We are ready to protect your best interests.

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