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Driver’s License Restoration – How To in Michigan 

If your driver’s license has been revoked in the State of Michigan, you are required to request a hearing with the Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) or formerly known as Driver Assessment and License Appeal Office (DLAD). 

Each case is different and you are required to provide evidence to prove your case. The burden is on the petitioner to rebut the presumption that they are a habitual drinking and driving offender. The petitioner must prove by clear and convincing evidence that their alcohol or substance use is under control and likely to remain under control. 

In order to be granted a hearing you must first fill out a form requesting that hearing. This form is commonly referred to as a SOS 257 form. This is a long and often times confusing form that requires specific information. If the form is not filled out correctly you could be denied. The second step is to obtain letters in support from family and friends. These letters are extremely important. They must contain very specific information about you and your past alcohol or substance use. If the letters do not contain the correct information or conform or the Secretary of State’s requirements, the Hearing Officer’s may not consider the letters and that could lead to a denial. You will also need a Substance Use Evaluation completed on the SOS 258 form. You will need to work with a licensed substance use evaluator to obtain the evaluation. Finally, you will need a 12-Panel Drug Screen. As with all of the other documentation and evidence needed, this drug screen is extremely nuanced with what needs to be included in it. 

While this process may sound difficult, we have found a way to make it as painless and easy as possible. At Tanis Schultz you work directly with your attorney on your driver’s license restoration case. Your attorney conducts an in-depth analysis every step of the way to ensure all of your documentation and evidence is prepared and collected properly. We make sure that you are prepared to appear at your hearing and we appear at the hearing with you. 

It is extremely important to be well prepared for your hearing and ensure that you have all of the proper documentation. You are only allowed one hearing a year. Therefore, if you are not successful, you will have to wait 12 months before applying again. An experienced Driver’s License Restoration attorney can ensure that we build a solid case for you before going in front of the Secretary of State. Our DLR attorney gathers the evidence needed to prove that your substance abuse or alcohol abuse is under control and that you are not at risk of relapse. 

We understand how difficult it is not to be able to drive, especially in a state with extremely limited public transportation. We also understand that this process can seem scary or “impossible” as we often hear, but it isn’t. With a tried and trusted Grand Rapids defense attorney, it is possible for you to drive again. Let us do the heavy lifting to get you back on the road. 

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